Smart Thermostats are Smart For Your Business

YorktstatThe use of smart thermostats has quickly gone from being an “early adopter – tech gadget” to a “must have” for homeowners who want the advantages of managing their home’s comfort with their smart phones.  The smart thermostat, with its easy-to-use Wi-Fi connectivity, has proven to be the gateway product for entry into the world of smart home technology.  As an HVAC professional, it is important that you understand the benefits of a smart thermostat and provide expertise to your customers about these products.

With many manufacturers offering a variety of thermostats at various price points, it is much easier to find an affordable and high-quality product.  As the prices have come down and the leading manufacturers have made their products more mainstream, more customers are familiar with these products and will be looking to upgrade to a smart thermostat.  And that means these products are more profitable for the HVAC professional.

Contractors should keep an ample supply of smart thermostats on their trucks, to ensure they can meet customer requests.  Visit your favorite Source 1™HVAC Supply store for a wide array of quality products.  For more information about smart thermostats, visit:


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