Tips for Training Your HVAC Technicians

In today’s busy workplace, it is difficult for HVAC technicians to stay abreast of all the new products, techniques and changes in regulations happening in the industry.  Since your technicians are at the heart of your business, it’s extremely important that they’re up to date on latest trends and information in the industry to ensure that they’re delivering the highest quality service to your customers.  To make education and training easier, we’ve put a list of training resources you may want to use to keep your staff on top of their game:

  1. HVAC Industry Webinars – Webinars are a great way to educate technicians on new products, services or techniques.  A webinar is a seminar/workshop that is hosted online that allows speakers/educators to share information with attendees from the comfort of their desk via a computer, table or smartphone. Some of the best technician training webinars are currently available from HVAC training schools or an industry trade association such as ASHRAE, ACHR, HPAC, RSES, NADCA and others.  The webinars are available on a variety of topics and they usually last no more than an hour.  Most of the webinars are free, or they charge a nominal usually nominal fee and they can be shared across several attendees, making it very affordable and cost-effective.  In addition, most webinars are recorded so the attendees can watch the webinar again and can share the information with their colleagues.
  2. Manufacturer Education – In the competitive HVAC products industry, Edison Trainingmanufacturers are eager to share their products features and benefits with your technicians. You can invite a manufacturers rep to your shop to share information about their products and installation techniques. In addition, many manufacturers have robust training resources on their websites, post Youtube training videos, host webinars on an ongoing basis and hold training workshops at local tech schools.
  3. Local HVAC Tech Schools – The local HVAC technical school is a great resource for continuing education for your technicians. They offer a wide variety of convenient options for skilled technicians to improve their skills including online classes, webinars, and on-site individual training.  You may also consider working with the school to create a customized training curriculum for your staff to ensure that they continue to learn the latest information and trends in the HVAC industry and provide excellent knowledge and service to your customers.
  4. Conference/Trade Show Attendance – A good way for your technicians to learn the latest information on products, services and techniques are to attend HVAC conferences and trade shows. Of course, since this is also one of the most time intensive and costly options, you’ll want to make sure the conference sessions are highly educational. Attending conferences is a great way to keep your staff engaged and motivated to improve their knowledge and skills and can be a good way to reward high performers for their loyalty and hard work.
  5. HVAC Industry Trade Associations – One of the benefits of joining a trade association is to take advantage of the free training resources and curriculum available to members.  These organizations provide high-quality onsite classes, webinars, case studies, reports and one-on-one training on a variety of topics.  You should encourage your technicians to visit the various trade association websites on a regular basis to stay abreast of news, industry trends, new products, and training opportunities.

Source 1™ HVAC Supply is committed to providing training resources to all our contractor partners.   If you would like to arrange product training with one of our Field Service Technicians, please contact your local distributor and we will work with you to schedule it at your site or ours.

1 thought on “Tips for Training Your HVAC Technicians”

  1. Most manufactures do a good job of product and technical training. What is lacking is sales and customer service training. Training in this area can directly impact sales, profitability and developing loyal customers.


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